We are storytellers, believing that the experience of the 
event can have a major impact on guests, it is our
mission to ensure that each and every event is
thoughtfully produced and curated to create a moment
that forges life long impressions.



Emilia Giertta, founder and senior event manager at GIERTTA. Her love of events and her meticulous attention to detail and with a background in finance, Emilia has the knowledge and skill set to micro-manage any budget. She learned early on how to create a dazzling event without spending a fortune. As your lead, on-site event manager, she will ensure all aspects of the event are flawless. 
Her mantra is that hard work leads to innovation and creative solutions: an art that is priceless in the event industry. Emilia credits the ongoing success of GIERTTA to her hands on approach and the endless hard work of the strong and talented team at GIERTTA.